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Panasonic TH-50BF1W LED Interactive Touch Screen  
รหัส : Panasonic TH-50BF1W_
ยี่ห้อ : Panasonic
รุ่น : TH-50BF1W
ราคาปกติ :  164,800.00 บาท      
ราคาพิเศษ :  156,900.00บาท
รายละเอียดย่อ :
50" Full HD LED Interactive Display 350 cd/m2, 18 Hrs/day Operation
รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :

Panasonic TH-50BF1W LED Interactive Touch Screen

Connect. Create. Share. A Turnkey Display
That Brings Out the Best in People.

Good communication is key in the office or classroom. The Panasonic BF1 Series puts the tools you need to achieve it at your fingertips. Start presenting instantly on the whiteboard, import and modify media wirelessly, brainstorm ideas with teams in remote locations, and email progress direct from the display. Do it all from an intuitive touchscreen with fewer cables and no need for a remote.

Protective Glass       Multi Touch       Interactive       WIRELESS

DIGITAL LINK         Portrait        SLOT 2.0


TH-80BF1 TH-65BF1 TH-50BF1
80-inch 65-inch 50-inch
350 cd/m² 350 cd/m² 350 cd/m²
5000:1 4000:1 5000:1


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On-screen Menu Bar Keeps You In Control

Don't lose the crowd—or your cool—in endless menus while you search for content or functions. With the BF1 Series, everything is to hand in a discreet menu bar at the bottom of the screen that offers instant access to source inputs, whiteboard tools, and other controls you use most frequently. Even when the pressure's on, you'll look like a pro.

User-Friendly Menu Bar

Frequently used functions such as input selection, pen tool, enlargement tool, and volume control can be found in the menu bar. Access detailed information or hide it for uninterrupted full-screen display.

Quick-Start Whiteboard

Start working on the built-in whiteboard right away — just switch on the display. Intuitive operation makes life easy for kids and less tech-savvy presenters.

Makes Notes Fast

Use the tool palette to write text and draw freehand on your document. Save it to memory or email it direct from the display. Included stylus pens and eraser let you write large amounts of text just like a regular whiteboard.

Connect a Variety of Devices and Switch Sources Quickly

Up to four of your most frequently used inputs can be named and assigned to the menu bar for quick and easy switching. Smooth operation without a remote controller allows you to focus on making a creative presentation.


Practical Applications


For Presentations
Switch on. Start work. Make notes, draw, add graphics, display documents, video, and more. Save as image files and email. Couldn't be simpler!

In the Classroom
Precise 12-point multi-touch control and user-friendly menu bar make it easier for students to understand any subject using the display's powerful features.

Video Conferences
The BF1 Series not only lets your teams videoconference*, it allows them to work on documents together in split-screen mode at the same time.

* Additional equipment and subscription required for video- and web-conferencing system.

For Meetings
Media such as websites, documents, and PC desktops can be mirrored wirelessly* from compatible devices on the big screen.

* Drawing on media transmitted via Mirroring Input is not supported

For Process Management
The BF1 Series has useful application in industry. Staff can manage production processes, scheduling, and share spreadsheet data on-screen.

For Public Information
Connected to appropriate PC software, the BF1 Series excels as an interactive touch-screen display for museums, exhibitions, and more.

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